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Monday, April 03, 2006


Map of MisionesMisiones Province is located in the northeastern corner of Argentina. Posadas, its capital city, has 965,522 inhabitants.

Geography: its rocks contain large quantities of iron, which gives the characteristic red tone to the soil of the place. The province is surrounded by three important rivers: Paraná, Uruguay, and Iguazu. The subtropical forest occupies a large portion of Misiones.

Climate: temperatures oscillate between 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit (average) in winter and 77 degrees (average) in summer, although they can reach 104 degrees on occasions. This is one of the most humid provinces in the country.

History: the region was originally populated by the ye ethnic group. Towards the end of the 15th century Guarani groups established in the territory. Sebastian Cabot was the first European to visit the region, in December of 1527. In 17th century the Society of Jesus ("jesuitas") came to the zone. They named the region "Provincia de las Misiones"
(the province of the missions).


  • Iguassu Falls are the greatest attraction of Misiones. They are formed by 275 falls, with heights of up to 230 feet. There´s a train that goes around the waterfalls, for about 4,5 miles, getting close to the Devil´s Throat (Garganta del Diablo), the most impressive of the falls.
  • San Ignacio Mini, where the ruins of a Jesuit mission stand. The mission was founded at the beggining of the 17th century to convert the guarani natives. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

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