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Monday, May 08, 2006

First Carnival of Argentina, be a part of it!

What's a carnival?

It's a round-up of articles that focus on a topic, gathered into one post. You can go to the Conservative Cat for a deeper explanation, and examples of different Carnivals.

The Carnival of Argentina will be a weekly round-up of blog posts, news, experiences, photos and other articles about Argentina.

To be included, send an e-mail to blogdocs (put @) yahoo.com with your blog's URL and a description of it. Don´t forget to put Carnival as the subject. Any article about places or events in Argentina, travel experiencies and tips, or expat life in the country may be included. The deadline for submitting your articles to the Carnival is every Sunday at 10 pm ET.

Visit the Carnival N 1

Go to the Carnival N 2

Visit the Carnival N 3

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