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Monday, May 15, 2006

First Carnival of Argentina - N 1

Welcome to the first post of the Carnival of Argentina! The Carnival is a weekly round-up of posts, news, photos and other articles related to Argentina.

Carnival Queen: Evangelina Carrozo, Carnival Queen of Gualeguaychú, paraded before 60 world presidents at the conference in Viena to protest the construction of pulp mills in Uruguay. My life in Argentina has a post on the subject. Patrick, from Argentine au jour le jour (French) says that there are 10 other pulp mills in Argentina that pollute, and that the conference was intended for serious matters.

Real Estate Market: Laura, from Moving to Argentina, has two articles about the real estate market in Argentina. They are a great resource if you want to understand rental laws in the country and real estate abbreviations and terms.

An encounter with god: Fiona, an Irish expatriate, confesses to the reason why she came to Argentina: Maradona and the goals he made to the English. She managed to meet her idol recently, wrote an article telling the story, and posted a picture to prove it.

Dog walkers: Brandán Buenosayres from In the Argentine Metropolis writes about dog walkers in the city of Buenos Aires and compares them to dog walkers in New York. In Buenos Aires the paseadores de perros charge less money and take a lot more dogs.

Law on Sexual Harassment: Eugenia from Moving to Argentina, reports that it is now illegal to harass a worker in the country.

A Passion for Soccer: Brandán Buenosayres writes about his experiences watching the match in which Boca Juniors won the League Championship surrounded by barra bravas.
Dave shares his views about the soccer match between Vélez Sarsfield and Newell's Old Boys. He writes about the English names of some of the teams, the Libertadores Cup, and the behavior of the fans.

Healthcare System: Deby from TangoSpam gives us her views on the Healthcare system in Argentina, and compares it to the system in USA. Fiona complains of the lack of general practitioners in the country, something that doesn't happen in Ireland.

Time of anniversaries: Dalila, from Trendy Palermo Viejo (a trilingual blog about fashion) reminds us that the Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo reached its 130th anniversary on May 7th. Also, the Palace of the Congress of Argentina reached 100 years last 12th of

I hope you liked the first carnival! I'll be glad to know your opinion on it. And remember, if you want to know more or submit a post for the next Carnival, go to the main page of the Carnival of Argentina

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