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Monday, May 22, 2006

First Carnival of Argentina - N2

Welcome to the Carnival of Argentina! The Carnival is a weekly round-up of posts, news, photos and other articles related to Argentina.

Medical Care in Buenos Aires:
Yanqui Mike says that medical care in Buenos Aires is better than in the USA; and Laura from Moving to Argentina agrees.

Argentinean Food: Asado Argentina, a site that teaches how to cook Argentinean food (mostly meat), offers a recipe for cooking pork flank steak (matambre de cerdo)

Delivery in Buenos Aires: Laura tells a story to show that in Buenos Aires you can get anything delivered to your home.

WiFi for Buenos Aires: Global Voices Online reports that Jorge Telerman, Buenos Aires Mayor, announced that the city is going to be one of the first to provide free WiFi access in every point.

Wide-band providers in Buenos Aires: following the subject of the Internet, Yanqui Mike translates a guide for getting to know what the local ISPs offer.

Borges: Jeff Barry has begun a series called “30 Days with Borges” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his death (on July 14th).

Slang of Buenos Aires (lunfardo): Brandán talks about the origin of the word Quilombo and its meaning.

ArteBa 2006: Dalila points that the contemporary art fair will take place between May 19 and 24 at La Rural, in Palermo.

I hope you liked the carnival! If you want to know more or submit a post for the next Carnival, go to the main page of the Carnival of Argentina.

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